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Welcome to AG Web Services

About Me

Hi, I'm Andrea Goodman, the heart and soul (and initials) behind AG Web Services.

My Design Philosophy: Less is More

I believe that a website should be both beautiful and straightforward. My goal is to create designs that highlight your content without overwhelming your visitors. Over the past few years, I've noticed many designers focusing on flashy presentations at the expense of content. But for me, content is always the star of the show. Think of it like the 'yellow pages' – it needs to be functional and easy to navigate.

My Project Philosophy: Quality Over Quantity

I’m fortunate to have built lasting relationships with many of my clients, some of whom I've been working with for over 25 years. Because I take on very few new projects each year, you can be sure that when I do, your project gets my full attention and dedication. I’m committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your website thrives.

My Search Engine Philosophy: Research is Key

The internet and search engines are powerful tools for market research. Unfortunately, many SEO programs skip this crucial step. I use advanced tools to thoroughly research what people are searching for, the competition for those terms, and how they perform in your local market. This detailed research is vital for effective search engine optimization.

Search Success Engineered

For more insights on making your site successful with search engines, visit my Search Success Engineered website.

Search Success Engineered

Search Engine Consulting Services

by Andrea Goodman

Visit Search Success Engineered for more information on promoting your website through search engines
Please visit my new Search Success Engineered website for more information on making your site successful with search engines!

Andrea's Articles

I write about topics that matter to website owners, from design tips to dealing with hackers and understanding traffic stats. Read more ARTICLES.

Additional Services

Need help with fonts, color choices, or watermarking images? Struggling with website traffic stats or a hacked site? Looking for advice on a domain name? I offer consulting services on nearly any internet-related subject. Feel free to reach out for personalized, hourly consulting.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please email me at

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Please note: AG Web Services is NOT affiliated with the Assemblies of God nor with the agricultural industry.

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