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Tools for assessing your website:

If you have an established website you should do a periodic assessment to see how your site ranks with different search engines. Here are a few other tools you can use for assessing your website. remains the recognized leader in Canadian search - try looking for your site with 5 different search terms you think your clients might be likely to us, and see how your site ranks. Dogpile is a meta-engine that returns results from multiple search engines, allowing you to compare your results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Disregard the advertised listings at the top of the page, they are seldom relevant. is another meta-engine that returns results from multiple search engines.

Bottom line? If you can't find your site in the top page of returns on several search engines for several relevant search terms, than it's entirely likely that other people are having trouble finding your site too.

If you'd like a more detailed analysis of your search engine placement please contact me for more details.

Review your website traffic

Review the traffic stats for your website. Your hosting service provide probably has some type of traffic information you can access. Review the incoming traffic; where is it coming from? Are links in other websites bringing most of your traffic, or are the search engines? If you see traffic from the search engines, look for information about the search terms used. This will help you understand what people are looking for when they come to your site as well as give you information about how search engines rank your site for different search terms. Review this data over time to maintain a better understanding of your website traffic. If you'd like help assessing your traffic stats, please contact me to discuss a traffic review.

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Tools for promoting your website:

If your website is properly coded, with good, clear and relevant meta tags, detailed ALT tags, and quality relevant text written with attention to keyword density, you are ready to promote your site to the search engines. If your site is not properly coded, these tools will be of little benefit to you. If you're not sure, contact me for a code assessment before promoting your site.

There are many of these services online, many rife with resulting spam and time consuming to use. These are some of the best I've found.

Active Search Results

Submit Express Submit Express
FreeWeb Submission Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!
Independant Search Engine and Directory Network

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Website Monitoring Services

Monitor your website so you know when it's offline! Here are some of the free monitoring services you might find useful.


SITE 24-7:



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