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When I started designing websites in 1995 (on a 9.6 modem!) most website design clients had relatively little experience with the internet, and now I find most clients who need a website have spent a fair bit of time surfing the 'net and deciding what they like in a website and what they don't.

Search engines have also developed considerably since 1995 (yes, there was a time before Google!) and keeping current on search engine developments has been one of the most interesting aspects of my work over the years.

Recently I've found that most clients already have a website, and need to have it updated, modernized, refreshed and made more search engine friendly. Your website should help you streamline administrative processes, provide superior service to your clients, and properly represent the unique aspects of your business.

Updating a website will give an opportunity to not only refresh the look and tone of the website, but an opportunity to make the site more accessible to search engines as well as more functional for website visitors. Some clients are active in the social media and want their website to interact with their facebook page or their twitter account.

Look through some of my recent projects below for examples of a range of websites I've designed over the past few years. Some are relatively small and simple websites, and some have developed into larger sites with more extensive content.

Recent Projects:

2021 website built by AG Web Services for an independant insuance agent

Brenda Cyr Insurance - new in 2021

Website created for an independant insurance agent to promote her services, a simple site that meets the needs of the client.

2018 website built by AG Web Services

Bar's Bikes - new in 2018

Website created for Bar Hodgson to provide an online home for his motorcycle collection and offer a small selection of rare and collectible motorcycles for sale. A new project with an old client; this is the second website built for Bar, the first in 2000 and this new one launched in 2018.
2016 website built by AG Web Services

Pearson Criminal Law - new in 2016

Website created for Toronto Criminal Lawyer Brad Pearson to promote his legal practice. Site focuses on a clean design with user friendly navigation, and a plan for future growth as new content is added over the years. Website launched in 2016.
Laucks Foundation website updated in January 2015

Laucks Foundation - new in 2015

The Laucks Foundation is a non profit educational organization with a mandate to foster environmental responsibility and to promote a better understanding of human impact on the environment. This updated and collaboratively designed version of their website was launched in January 2015.
Laughing Apple Farm on Salt Spring Island

Laughing Apple Farm

A fresh new look for the Laughing Apple Farm website for the spring of 2014. Beautiful photos of mouth watering fruits and veggies as well as the farm cat!

Mary Laucks website redesigned in 2014 by AGWebServices

Mary Laucks, Contemporary Abstract Painter - new in 2014

Updated from a previous website, Mary Laucks domain has a fresh look that draws more attention to the artists images, and functions more effectively with search engines.

website for the Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild by AGWebServices

Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild - new in 2012

The Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild website was created to meet several needs; to keep members informed of events on the program calendar, to promote the Guild, and to attract new members.

Ongoing Client Projects:

Judy Goodman - Basket maker, website designed by AG Web Services

Judy Goodman

Judy Goodman, a Canadian basket maker on Salt Spring Island, needed a website to showcase her recent work, and provide a point of contact for people who have purchased her baskets or seen her work on display.

Northshore Engineering

Northshore Engineering and Drafting Services - since 2010

Engineering company based in North Bay Ontario Canada. Building and bridge design, welding engineering services, etc.

Discover the Path AGWebServices website design promotion and hosting client since 1998

Discover the Path - since 1998

Created primarily as an informational site for a holistic healing business, this website has developed over the years to include spiritual content, survivors stories and much more. Visit

Personal Sites:

Art website for Andrea Goodman, website designer, SEO consultant and artist

My Art Website - new in 2014

My art has finally gotten brave enough to emerge from my sketchbook and wander out into the public view. This website showcases my artwork - drawings, paintings and collages. If you are interested in artwork with a west coast theme, check out my art website here:

Ham Radio Website for VA7ALG

My Ham Radio Website - new in 2012

I have recently acquired a 'Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio', otherwise known as my ham radio license, so I launched a website to share my interest with others. If you have any interest in communications technology, the extensive possibilities of radio are sure to fascinate!

Flick Dot Buzz, a cat fanciers website - launched in 2010

Flick Dot Buzz .com - new in 2010

A website written by three cats, Flick, Dot and Buzz, for cats and cat fanciers. AG Web Services welcomes clients of all species! Visit

Dirty Girl Motor Racing - the motorcycling website of Andrea Goodman

Dirty Girl Motor Racing - redesigned for 2009 racing season, updated periodically

First online in 2004, my racing website has grown in popularity over the past years, and as the website content grows, so does the website traffic. 'Dirty Girl' is a motorcycling website, promoting my vintage motorcycle racing efforts. Updates in 2009 have given the site a fresh look. Visit

Old Projects:

Note: These websites are no longer online

Ben Goodman - Object Maker

Ben Goodman, Mixed Media Sculptor - site designed in 1996, 2005, 2011, 2012

Website designed for Ben Goodman originally in 1996. Completely redesigned in 2005, and updated in 2011. Sculptors' website highlighting recent work divided into several 'bodies' of work within his website.

Susan Donati painters website redesigned in 2008 and 2011

Susan Donati - redesigned in 2008, 2011

Susan Donati, impressionist painter based in London Ontario Canada; website built originally in 2005, redesigned and expanded to showcase a wider range of Susan's artwork in 2008 and again in 2011.

SUPERSHOW Events, an AGWebServices client since 2000

SUPERSHOW Events/Bar Hodgson Productions - 2000 - 2020

Created initially using graphic elements already in use in print promotional programs and magazine content. Developed over the years into a website whose traffic stats rivals that of the readership of the finest Canadian Motorcycle media. Design, hosting and promotion client.

Eagle Ridge Allies

Eagle Ridge Allies - 2010 - 2018

Educational Leadership Coaching, Consulting and Counselling services business, based on Salt Spring Island British Columbia Canada.

The WROAR Ride website, dontated by AG Web Services

The WROAR Ride - 2005 to 2018

The WROAR Ride - Women Ride Out Against Rape - A Women's motorcycle Ride to raise funds for the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre. Founding member of the organizing committee. Website donated: designed, hosted and promoted by AGWebServices from 2005 to 2018

Birds Eye View Bed and Breakfast on Salt Spring Island website  redesigned in 2012 by AGWebServices, offline in 2014

Birds Eye View Bed & Breakfast - updated in 2012, 2013, offline in 2014

The Birds Eye View B & B had an existing website, and wanted a fresh look, as well as a site that works more effectively with search engines, helping them stand out amongst local competition. Business sold, website offline in 2014.

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada International Women Riders Congress and Festival 2010

International Women Riders Congress and Festival - new in 2010, offline in 2013

The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada International Women Riders Congress and Festival took place August 11 - 15, 2010 at the Deerhurst Resort, Huntsville Ontario Canada. This bilingual website offered pre-event information and a post-event update too.

Bedrock Traction website

Bedrock Traction

Bedrock Traction is a truck traction assist system, an independently marketed product, and the company needed a basic and simple website to help promote their products both to the truck-owning public and to attract distributors. (NOTE: Product sold out and site went offline in 2011).


Blasting business; site was very successful with search engines, but business failed to get funding and this site is no longer online.

If you would like to see further examples of my work, please contact me! Email Andrea

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