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Your website images can look good without being huge files - select the right file format, colour palate and resolution for your images.

JPG image file format example
JPG Image format: file is 70KB

This is a good quality image. Because this is a graphic and not a photographic image, this is probably better image quality that is necessary or suitable. JPG is probably the image file format that comes out of your camera or phone, but by changing this image to a PNG or GIF formatted file (see next 3 image examples) the file is considerably smaller, but the appearance of image quality may not be substantially reduced. Read the Wiki on JPG image format

PNG image file format example
PNG Image Format: file is 37KB

Very similar in appearance, this image is a file half the size of the image above, and similar in size to the two GIF images below. PNG Images are well suited to the web. Read the Wiki on PNG - Portable Network Graphics

GIF image file format example
GIF Image format: file is 42KB

This image is of lesser quality, but because it is a graphic and not a photograph, it resembles the larger JPG image above, although it is only about 2/3 the file size. For photographic images this same approach to file optimization may be less successful. Read the Wiki on GIF Image format

GIF Image format: file is 32KB - Optimized GIF

This is the smallest of the four images, and you can probably see the appearance of image quality is slightly less than the previous three images. The graphic is still quite legible though, displayed at the same size as the previous two images, but considering that this file is less than half the size of the first JPG image file, the increased download speed of the image may be considered worth the image quality compromise.

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So, what do you do if you don't know now to 'compress' your image files, or if you don't have a bunch of fancy image editing software? You can use a web based image compression tool - just 'drag and drop' your images to get a compressed file you can download and/or save to the cloud. Check out this option here:

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