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  • Your website should have consistently high search engine rankings for a wide variety of search terms. Because search engines change their indexing frequently, a website needs to change with the times to maintain a high position in the rankings of search engines.

  • If you have an existing website you need to ensure it is well ranked with all the major search engines for a wide range of relevant search terms. If your site is not well indexed or well ranked, you are missing out on an extremely valuable source of website traffic.

  • If you are just setting out to create a website, you need to plan your website code to ensure that the search engines can find and accurately index your website. Plan both the 'front end' of your website that the visitors see and the 'back end' that the search engines see when designing your website.

Search Success Engineered

Search Engine Consulting Services

by Andrea Goodman

Visit Search Success Engineered for more information on promoting your website through search engines
Please visit my new Search Success Engineered website for more information on making your site successful with search engines!

One of my clients, Judith, sent me this e-mail:

Just as an interesting aside, I was recently in Niagara Falls on a business trip. I chose the motel from the internet. When we got there the parking lot was full. This was quite an achievement considering the numerous motels dotted along Niagara Falls Blvd and most were empty. This one was full because of internet advertising and search engine accessibility. The place was not spectacular but I admired his webperson for helping to generate a lot of business in a motel that had little else to recommend it. It was one of those lessons in the power of advertising.

Visit Judith's website at

Other steps to successful promotion of your website:

  • Evaluate your traffic statistics and compile information about your current website traffic
  • Determine what percentage of your traffic is coming from search engines
  • Review the search terms used to find your site

Poor Search Engine rankings

There are many reasons why your website may not be well ranked. Sometimes the very code that makes your site look beautiful to the visitor is preventing search engines from seeing the relevance of your sites content, resulting in poor or irrelevant listings.

It is very important to optimize your code before promoting your website. Depending on how your website is coded this may mean minor additions to the code or major restructuring. To determine how extensive your needs are, please e-mail me to discuss a website code assessment.

Different Search Engines index and rank sites in different ways

If you would like an evaluation of how your site currently ranks with search engines, please e-mail me. This is a valuable first step in promoting your site effectively.

'Do It Yourself' tools and helpful information for website owners

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Make sure your site ranks well!

If you would like to discuss a website traffic assessment, code assessment or search engine placement assessment or to plan a promotional program for your website please e-mail:

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