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A selection of free tools you might find useful to assess your site...

Developing a keyword list is one of the challenges of SEO - experiement with an automated keyword tool generator and see what sort of results you get... Here are a few free tools for keywords - or If you want more help with your SEO, or more advanced keyword research, please visit for more articles.

Ever wanted a smaller image file to email or use on the web? Try this great and very easy to use web based image compression tool. You can just drag and drop your file here:

Want to know how fast your site is loading? Site load times can impact your site ranking - it's a good idea to periodically test your site's performance and load speed - here is a tool that will help!

Ever visit a website and want to know what tools were used to build the site? If you are not familiar with web code it might be difficult to tell - this tool will help!

Want more in depth analysis tools? The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a web crawler that can provide you with insights into the SEO of any URL (free and paid versions) check them out here:

If you want help interpreting or understanding the results of your explorations with these tools, please contact me!

Email Andrea:

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